Time literally flies, doesn’t it? The year seemed to have begun just yesterday but it has already rolled almost its entire course! And New Years call for renovations and redecorations. How about giving your annual décor plans a twist of prosperity, albeit a traditional way?

Are you planning to redecorate your home for the New Year? Then look no further. Cycle Pure Agarbathies suggests three décor ideas to fill your homes with harmonic energies and invite essences of prosperity and good luck. Oh you do not miss out on the look of your space either!


Fulfill Your Wishes with the Feng Shui Tortoise Plate 

This year, add an extra touch of luck with this Feng Shui Tortoise in your pooja room. Known for fulfilling your wishes, you should place this beauty in the Northern or North-western part of your room, facing East, to usher in prosperity. You can write your wishes on a piece of red paper and place it between the tortoise and the dish below it. Have a wish for this New Year? How about making a wish to the elements of Nature and working towards it with the Feng Shui Wish Fulfilling Tortoise!


Ward Off Negativities with Wooden Lemon & Chillies

Take an active stance against negativities in your home with this string of Lemon and Chillies. Traditionally known to ward off that evil eye or buri nazar, a string of lime and chillies hanging at the doorway make for a sense of positive ambience filled with goodness and homely prosperity. In the coming New Year, don’t leave anything to chance and implement your grandma’s cures for a robust atmosphere.


Imbibe an Essence of Harmony with Decorative Rangolis

Rangolis are traditional art forms filled with deep spiritual symbolisms. Most homes, especially those in the Southern part of the country, lay out pretty patterns at doorsteps on a regular basis to fill homes with an element of opulence and comfort. However, modern day timelines often leave us with very less time to concentrate holistically on homely surroundings. Now you can fill your homes with a comforting aura with readymade rangolis from PurePrayer. Just select one from a range of Decorative Rangolis and channel positivities to your residential space.


New Years are times to imbibe fresh energies into our lives and revel in the joys of new beginnings. This coming New Year, gear up to add a touch of alacrity and cheer to your homes, and indulge in the beauty of togetherness. Have a good year ahead!

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