Summer Festivals
Summer is here and so are the beautiful summer festivals of India. The colourful and vibrant festival of Holi just passed by, kick starting the many summer festivals in India. Here are five Festivals that are celebrated across the country that celebrate the coming of Summer.
Ugadi: Ugadi is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in the Deccan region of India, and this year it is falls on March 21. This Hindu New year, Ugadi, is celebrated with ritual bath with oil, followed by prayers and pooja. Most homes decorate the entrance and the pooja room with beautiful flowers, garlands and burning aromatic incense all around the house. Many homes also have havan poojas with dhoop and incense sticks. It is believed that the smoke clears all the negative energy out of the house. The family members are given bevu bella(neem and jaggery) which symbolizes a mixture of different emotions of life.
Jhulelal Jayanti: Jhulelal Jayanti, a Sindhi festival, is celebrated by the Sindhi community in India. Jhulelal Jayanti is dedicated to Jhulelal, an incarnation of Varun Devata or God of Water. The sindhis celebrate this day by offering prayers to their deity, Jhulelal and perform rituals by lighting incense sticks in the pooja room. Numerous other programs and events are organized by the community on this day. This year, Jhulelal Jayanti is celebrated on the March 22.
Rama Navami: Ram Navami is an important day for all Ram devotees. It is believed that Lord Rama was born on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Lord Rama, the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the most loved deity of the Hindus and this day is celebrated across the country by worshipping the lord with flowers, garlands, incense sticks and different kinds of sweets and savories. Rama Navami is celebrated on March 28 this year.
Baisakhi: Baisakhi, also known as Vaishaki, is an ancient harvest festival celebrated in Punjab. This festival cuts across all the barriers of caste and religion, it is celebrated by all Punjabis in the region. This festival celebrates the Harvest as well as a Sikh New Year. The whole community celebrates this festival by dancing, eating and rejoicing together. This year, Baisakhi is celebrated on April 14.
Rongali Bihu: The festival of Rongali Bihu is celebrated in Assam, and falls seven days after Vishuva Sankranti or Bohag. There are three types of Bihu Rongali Bihu, Kongali Bihu, and Bhogali Bihu, and each of them represent different agricultural cycle of crops that are grown in Assam. This Rongoli Bihu is also celebrated as the Assamese New Year, regardless of their backgrounds of caste, creed and religion. On this day, all the communities gather and perform their ritualistic dance, they dress in bright ethnic clothes and perform poojas to their deity by offering kum kum, garlands and incense. This year Rongoli Bihu falls on April 15.
As the heat hits the subcontinent, so do the festivals! Get ready to celebrate with us!

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