Festive seasons call for exciting and joyful ambiences. This is the time of the year when everyone happily indulges in decorating and redecorating personal and pooja spaces. And all the activities are done, expressing joy and cheer.


The season of giving your spaces a new look is here. And Cycle Pure Agarbathies is here to help you with just that. We have some simple, easy to use and eye-grabbing decor products for your personal and pooja spaces. Here are 5 décor elements you need to spice up your living space for the festive season.



Diyas are considered a symbol of prosperity, happiness, knowledge, truth, wisdom and peace. This festive season, give your pooja spaces and living spaces a touch of tradition. Place diyas around your pooja space, some on your window sills so that your home looks cheerful even from a distance, and some at your doorstep for a festive welcome to your guests.



The smoke from dhoops is believed to be capable of warding off negativities and enthusing the space with peace and cheer, while the fragrance is symbolized as a source of inspiration. Light a dhoop cone every day and experience the enthralling change in the atmosphere of your home.



Rangolis are traditionally drawn at the entrances of traditional homes to surround visitors with comfortable vibrations of the residence. They are symbolized as emitting an aura of peace and homely happiness. You can avail a range of rangolis at PurePrayer.



A symbol of peace, good luck and prosperity, Thoranams make for great festive decorations. Traditionally thoranams are hung at entrances of homes to ward off negative energies and vibrations. As an element of home décor, these beautiful creations add a touch of tradition and festive cheer to your home. A range of traditional and attractive thoranams are available at PurePrayer for all your festive needs. You can also decorate your pooja space with thoranams to give it a festal look.


Incense Sticks

Enthrallingly fragrant Incense sticks are part of a timeless tradition of praying and divinity. Besides being a companion to our prayers, they also make for a reveling start to a day. Every incense pack comes with a signature fragrance which sets a new mood for your day every day, beginning every day on a fresh note.


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Spread the festive cheer this year through traditional and attractive decor and prayer products for your home. Put up some diyas and thoranams, light some fragrant incense sticks and immerse yourself in the happiness and prosperity of the time with your loved ones.


Wishing you all the joys and blessings of the Festive Season!


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