d-111 cycle group
We all love using different fragrances to make our home fresh and nice, but did you know that each one of us has a perfect fragrance? Grab a pen, answer these quiz questions and begin your New Year celebrations with a new fragrance!
1. What is your ideal vacation?
a. Leisure time in Abu Dhabi
b. A South Africa tour and safari
c. A cruise of the Caribbean
d. A spiritual escapade to Jerusalem
2. What is your favourite fruit?
a. Kiwi
b. Guava
c. Strawberry
d. Banana
3. Which of these outdoor activities do you like the most?
a. Snorkeling
b. Rock climbing
c. Horse riding
d. Running a marathon
4. What is your dream job?
a. Professional Traveler
b. Wildlife Photographer
c. Fashion Designer
d. Musician
5. Who is your favourite famous personality?
a. Michael Jackson
b. Steve Irwin
c. David Beckham
d. Mother Teresa
6. What kind of Music do you like?
a. Opera
b. Tribal
c. Jazz
d. Classical
7. Which is your Favourite Cuisine?
a. Japanese
b. Continental
c. French
d. Indian
8. What is your Favourite Colour?
a .Turquoise
b. Green
c. Beige
d. Red
9. What Genre of Films do you like?
a. Art Films
b. Action and Adventure
c. Romantic
d. Musical
10. What is your Favourite Scent?
a. Cinnamon
b. Jasmine
c. Lavender
d. Sandalwood

Mostly As – Exotic fragrances like ECO Exotic Classical Originals Incense and Good Luck Loban Agrabathies are perfect for you. You are a mysterious, alluring and sensual person with an exceptional and distinctive choice in fragrances!
Mostly Bs – Natural fragrances like Woods Incense Stick Agarbathi and Good Luck Kewda Incense Stick are just the right scents for an adventurous, fun loving person like you. You love being outdoors and spending time amidst nature.
Mostly Cs – Classy fragrances like Lia Jasmine Incense Sticks and Good Luck Kasthuri Incense Sticks will appeal to a classy and elegant person like you! You have a good sense of style and love living in luxury.
Mostly Ds – Spiritual fragrances like Mohak Durbar Agarbathies and Yagna Incense Sticks are best suited for you! You are a stable, level-headed and a balanced person who enjoys life as it comes.
We hope you found the perfect fragrance for 2015! Which one did you get? Tell us in the comments below!

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