The 66th Indian Republic day is almost here! On this day, the Constitution of India was written and for the first time, the citizens of India felt the fragrance of Freedom. Nothing can transport you back in time like a fragrance and this year, go back in time and smell the sweet fragrance of patriotism this Republic Day! Fragrances blend into any environment just like our very own Indian heritage and culture. Here are some ways that will help you feel the fragrant touch of patriotism this year.
Republic Day 1
1. Celebrate the Republic day watching the Annual parade that takes place in Delhi. There is nothing more patriotic than watching the Indian soldiers march through the Rajpat on this day. Try catching it in Delhi or live on TV.
2. Prepare your home for the Republic day. Light the heritage incense sticks at home, this is a fantastic way of spreading patriotic fragrance at home.
3. Decorate the house with rose petals. You can also use different decor products like thoranams or rangolis for an added effect. Try and pick flowers that resemble the Indian Tricolor of Saffron, Green and White.
4. Hoisting the Indian Flag is the most important aspect of this day. Honour the flag by hoisting it in the morning, decorate the base of the flag post with flowers, beautiful candles and incense sticks.
5. Sing the National Anthem while the flag is raised.
6. Ensure you follow all the rules while celebrating Republic Day this year.
Apart from this, you can also invite your friends and family home and cook them a tricolor themed food and drinks.
Here is an interesting video that proclaims Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani! Watch it and tell us where your heart belongs!

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