Festivals are a time of reunions and gaiety. Our daily lives are often dictated by deadlines and festivals come as a break in monotony and spread cheer, rejuvenating all and bringing those close, even closer.

Do you miss your mother chanting the Ganesh mantra or blowing conch shells at Lakshmi poojas every Thursday? Do you crave for the besan ka laddoos your grandmother makes every Diwali?

Mostly for academic and professional purposes, living in a different city has become a matter of necessity and desire. People have come to accept the challenges of exploring a new place and culture, and indulge in new emotions and experiences.

However, when it comes to festivals, being away from home does not offer much comfort. It is those times of the year when families spend quality time together. You almost naturally find yourself missing friends and family back home.

But there are little things you can do to feel closer back home. PurePrayer brings you a host of pooja items you can stock on. You can decorate your own space with these items and even do some poojas yourself. Let’s have a look:

Pooja Packs:

There are two Pooja Packs available:

These pooja packs come with a complete set of everything required to do the respective poojas, from the idols to mantras. Now, be it Vinayak Chaturthi or Lakshmi Pooja, pray to the divine your own way with these pooja kits. They are perfect for those conducting poojas for the first time!

Prayer Accessories:

Celebrations in India are filled with colours, flowers and fragrances. Bring an atmosphere of joy into your home not only during festivals but throughout the year and also keep these traditions alive. You can stock up on Diyas, Rangolis, Thoranams, ands lots more. Now your new residence will be transformed into a beautiful, bright home.

You can also get yourself a wide range of IncenseSticks and Cones to set rejuvenating ambience every day. If you are connoisseur of incenses, you will absolutely love the Exotic Classical Originals or the Lia Nature’s Gift.

If you are more of a spiritual person, try the Yagnaincense sticks. The deep throated fragrance will set an environment of inner peace and focus.

Now, you can decorate your own space and make itfeel closer to home. No matter, which festival comes, you are sure to find something to make you miss home a little less!

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