Even though giving your home a makeover is a lot of fun, it can be a quite a bit of work. So, let’s start with the most important part of your house – the Pooja Room. You must pay special attention to your pooja room, after all it is an important place that helps you find peace and happiness.
So, here are some easy and hassle-free ways to revamp your pooja room and give it a burst of freshness
Fragrance: Fragrance can instantly give your pooja room a makeover and create a warm atmosphere. Use incense sticks and dhoop cones to fill the air with exotic fragrances, which will brighten the space without much of an effort.
Paint: Paint the walls of your pooja room with beige or off white colours. Using these colours will brighten the pooja room and will make it look bigger than it actually is!
Thoranam: Thoranam or toran is an auspicious decorative door hanging usually made of flowers and mango leaves. These thoranams look very elegant but after a few days, they lose their charm. This might make your doorway look dull and gloomy. Now, you can use intricately designed thoranams that can even be ordered online.  These beautiful thoranams can make your pooja room look festive and bright at all times.
Shelves: Most pooja rooms are stuffed with pooja items, which might make the room seem too small to make any changes. You can solve this problem by building shelves inside the room. Stack up all the pooja essentials like incense sticks, aarti thali, kum kum box, diyas and other items on the shelf. This way you will have more space, making it seem like you have just given the room a makeover!
Floral decorations: Flowers are something that can instantly make a room look happier and livelier. However, after a day or two these flowers dry out, making the pooja room look messy and untidy. Replace the flowers with decorative garlands, which come in different designs and colours. These can make the idol and pooja room look pleasant and fresh.
Rangoli: Most households decorate the entrance to their homes with beautiful rangolis, especially on festivals and special occasions. You can use decorative rangoli inside the pooja room as well. This will enhance the interiors, adding colour and life to your pooja room. You can buy these beautiful rangolis online on
These are some simple ways to give your pooja room a makeover and creating a haven for yourself in your home.

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