Indian weddings are typically marked with festivities, joy and celebration. It is a time when the whole family gets together to rejoice the union of two lives and families. The colours, decorations and arrangements are as much a part of the occasion as the auspicious marriage ceremony itself. A lot of time, effort and money go into planning the decoration, theme, venue and guest lists, among other things, because of which, the trend of hiring professional wedding planners is on a rise. Thus, the responsibilities of the wedding are taken care of, but you still need to decorate your home for the wedding.

Our weddings involve many rituals that are organized at home. Hence, it is important to decorate your home for the wedding before you invite guests for the pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. Here are some wedding home decoration ideas that will help you create a perfect ambience for the special day.

    1. Flower decoration: Flowers are an essential part of all our ceremonies, and weddings are incomplete without the fragrance of traditional flowers like jasmine, marigold and roses. These flowers can be draped and hung in every corner, to make the house look special and festive for the occasion. You can also light some incense sticks with floral fragrances in different corners of the house to make your home smell more welcoming and lovely.


  • Door and window décor: Most Indian homes decorate the doors with beautiful thoranam all through the year. Earlier, people used to make thoranams at home with mango leave, flowers and decorative, but now there are various types or gorgeous handmade ones available in the market that you can buy. You can decorate your doors without a hassle with these easy to use door decoratives, which give a welcoming and festive look to your home.



  • Rangoli: Rangoli has always been one of the most aesthetic decorative forms of artwork in India. These special floor designs were essentially made from white or coloured sandstone powder and rice flour by women of the house. Today, these rangoli patterns made of beautiful decorative are readily available. These patterns can be used in the prayer room, entrance of your home or even outside the gate, depending on the materials used to make the rangoli. The practice of putting rangoli outside the house is considered auspicious and essential during weddings and other festivities.



  • Garlands and malas: Garland symbolizes joy, fervor, excitement, celebration & beauty. Garlands and malas are offered to the gods during the auspicious ceremony. Instead of buying garlands made of flowers, you can always opt for decorative garlands and malas that look as beautiful as the flower garlands and they can be reused as well.



  • Colours to use: When you decorate your home for the wedding, use warm, bright colours like reds, oranges and yellows for the tablecloth, curtains, drapes and other aspects of your home. These are typical colours used to create a happy, propitious environment whether at home or even at the wedding venue.


These are some ideas, which will get you started on your home decoration for the wedding. Remember to have a blend of the tradition and the new, convenient to ensure that you escape some of the stress associated with the joys of a wedding.

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