India’s most famous and loved festival – Holi is here! The idea behind the festival is to add colour to life as well as celebrate the onset of summer. Most of us celebrate Holi by smearing coloured powder and splashing coloured water on our loved ones, and the more adventurous ones drink Bhaang or thandai and rejoice the occasion. Over the years, celebrating the joyful festival of Holi has undergone a significant change. In the past, families and friends along with the neighborhood got together and celebrated the festival in the streets, but the trend has changed now. Now, there are Holi parties and get-togethers organized with music, food, drinks and of course lots of colour.

For all those who are yet to plan your Holi-day, here are some great ways you can celebrate the colourful festival.

  1. Holi is one festival, which needs no dressing up. Why not change this and make Holi more fun and fashionable. Organise a Holi party and give your guests a dress code or have a theme for the party. It could be as simple as white clothes only code or as dramatic as Bollywood themed Holi party. Whatever it might be, the rule of thumb is to have fun!
  2. India’s most exhilarating festival needs an equally invigorating music. Music can make or break your Holi celebration. You can either hire a DJ or yourself select some groovy Bollywood Holi songs and amuse your guests while playing Holi. You can also play some folk songs to bring the desiflavor into your Holi party.
  3. Go green this Holi. Celebrate Holi using eco-friendly and natural colours, which is safe for the environment as well as for your skin. Many artificial, toxic colours are sold during Holi, which can be very harmful to the skin. Ensure you buy Holi made of natural and organic colours only.
  4. If you are having a small Holi get-together, you can use your garden or backyard to play Holi. Being creative is the key! Make your outdoors looks great by decorating your garden, put up some benches or chairs for the guests, light some garden incense sticks or use reed diffusers to make your garden livelier with fragrance. Transform your outdoors and throw an amazing outdoor Holi party for your guests!
  5. Holi celebration is incomplete without food and drinks. It is best to serve finger foods, snacks, chaatand sweets along with cool, fruity drinks to welcome the summer.

Make this holi a memorable one for your guests with these ideas. Enjoy the fun, frolic and food this Holi with your friends and family.

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