Happy 67th Republic Day

India is a nation guided by the ideologies of the Constitution. The Preamble lays out the five main directives for every citizen – sovereignty, socialism, secularism, democracy, and republicanism – ideologies mutually correlated with each other. The upcoming Republic Day will be observed as the 67th anniversary of the Constitution coming into force.

One can do a lot of things to express one’s sentiment of patriotism on this day. This Republic Day, if you are in Delhi, you can watch the Annual Republic Day Parade at the Rajpath. In its 67th year, this will be the first Republic Day parade where French soldiers will participate along with the Indian Army troops. From a grand display of the Indian Army’s defence weaponry to a brilliant show by the Indian army band will leave you stunned for sure. From the performance by folk artists highlighting the cultural diversity of the nation to the parade by different contingencies of the Indian Defence Forces, the entire show is a grand affair in itself.

Republic Day is also a day to express our love and respect for all things tricolour. Hoisting the national flag is a primary aspect. And you do not need a whole group of people. Gather with your family early in the morning and hoist the flag. Don’t forget to offer a word of prayer for prosperity and progress of the country. You can add a touch of décor to flag-hoisting ceremony too by lighting candles at the base of the hoisting pole and decorating it with rose petals. Make sure you sing the National Anthem once and show your respect towards our dear motherland.

Want to give your homes a touch of national sentiments? You can decorate your house in different ways. Put a tricolour rangoli at your door to welcome your guests. Pick flowers and other ingredients like flowers or colours to design it. Try using Marigold flowers for the saffron section as it will make the rangoli look fuller and beautiful.

Cycle Pure’s Heritage Incense sticks are a great way of spreading patriotic sentiments in your home. Light some sticks in a corner of your living and experience an ambience of a beautiful mix of traditional fragrance with a touch of contemporary flavours. If you are calling your friends over, you can watch patriotic movies like Border or Haqeeqat and cook some tricolour dishes.

Happy 67th Republic Day-2

In the light of our upcoming 67th Republic Day celebrations, let us not forget the amazing progress the country has made. From having the very successful White Revolution to Liberalization of Economy, from the cheapest space mission and also one which used the Slingshot technique for the first time to manoeuvre a planet to the extensive development of indigenous products during Import Substitution, from higher literacy rates to being one the fastest growing economies, India has come a really long way.

Our country and her constitution is driven by the sentiment of the people, for the people, by the people’ – actually every democracy is – and we pray that our motherland progresses beyond our dreams and we become a society as ideal for any society in the world.

Happy Republic Day!

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