Incense dates back to the dawn of history and is found in many world cultures. India is just one of the many homes to incense, with references to it dating back to the Vedas. In various parts of India, festivities and worship is celebrated in many ways but one facet that unites them all is the use of Incense. We will be taking our readers on a series of tours following “The Incense Trail” connecting places and spiritual destinations that we’re sure every reader will want to visit. We begin in our very own backyard and this post, we take you on a tour of must-visit sites in Karnataka:

1. Hampi

No survey of places in India would be complete without mentioning the gorgeous stone temples of Hampi. While there are several temples and historical spots to visit in the ancient city, several travelers cite that one of the most memorable recollections that they have of their trip is the light fragrance of incense that is mingled in the cool breeze.

2. Gokarna

Gokarna has something for everyone- you may want to go on a temple tour while your loved ones would prefer to loll around on the beach with a refreshing beverage. Known for some of the most stunning Shiva Temples in India, Incense plays a key role throughout the idyllic destination. So much so, that vendors and street performers along with selling their usual wares of tea, sweets and flowers also carry an ample stock on incense sticks where ever they go. Some tourists even prefer to light their agarbathies as they wade into the clear water.

3. Milagres Church (Mangalore)

Located in the Hampankatta district of Mangalore, this church’s name roughly translates into Church of Our Lady of Miracles. It was built by the Portuguese in 1680 after receiving a grant of land from Keladi Queen Chennamma . While the church has held a tumultuous place in history, the present structure is one that is flocked to by devotees of multiple religions. As a church that is part of the Roman Catholic tradition of Christianity, incense is a utilized during every mass as a purification ritual.

4. Solaha-khamb Mosque at Bidar

In 1427, Sultan Alla-Ud-Din Bahman moved his capital to Bidar and began building the Bidar Fort and other resplendent Islamic monuments. One such structure was the Solaha-khamb mosque that has 19 prayer halls and a roof composed of 84 domes. An architectural marvel, the mosque should be on the list of those seeking historical learning. If you do get a chance to visit, be sure to carry a light, portable pack of incense. Light one while you’re there and allow the atmosphere of the mosque transport you to a forgotten time.

Incense continues to be a part of our lives, whether on home or on holiday! Explore these gorgeous destinations and allow the purifying quality of incense take away all of life’s woes.

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