We all love the gorgeous fragrances of Lia from Cycle Pure, but what fragrance really defines who we are and is just a perfect fit for our own unique personalities. So grab a pen and paper and take the Which Lia Fragrance is for you? Quiz and find out!


1) My Favorite Outdoor Space is

A. The Nearest Botanical Garden
B. Hill Station
C. Personal Garden
D. Any Forest or Wooded Area
E. The Mountains
F. The Beach

2) My favorite fruit…

A. Mango
B. Papaya
C. I don’t like Fruits
D. Watermelon
E. Sapota / Mud Apple
F. I Love all Fruits

3) My Dream Date

A. A Picnic
B. A walk in the park
C. A candlelight meal
D. A visit to a historical place
E. A Coffee and a Film
F. Anything Spontaneous

4) What is Most Important to you?

A. My Family
B. My Career
C. My Special Someone
D. My Travels
E. My Peace of Mind
F. My Diet

5) My Life’s Ambition is

A. To live a good, clean life
B. To create waves in the world
C. To be happily married
D. To see the world
E. To be healthy
F. To Make a Difference

6) The First Thing I do when I wake up is

A. Meditate
B. Check Email
C. Thank God for another beautiful day
D. Play with my kids
E. Light an Incense Stick
F. Yoga

7) I love…

A. Walks on Rainy Days
B. Learning New Things
C. Planning a New Project
D. To Swim
E. Dinner with Friends
F. Experimenting with Food

8) My favorite film is

A. KuchKuchHotaHai
B. Three Idiots
C. Titanic
D. Sholay
E. Eat, Pray,Love
F. Lunchbox

9) My Favorite Fragrance

A. Jasmine
B. The Smell of Rain
C. Rose
D. Sandalwood
E. Floral
F. Citrus

10) My Dream Home

A. Has Beautiful Garden
B. Is Chic and Sophisticated
C. Is Cozy and Romantic
D. Is Traditional and Modern
E. Is Bright with a lot of open spaces
F. Is Colorful and Festive

Mostly As:The Pristine and Energetic Fragrance of Lia Jasmine is the One for You! Lia Jasmine will fit perfectly with your happy-go-lucky, adventurous fun loving spirit. You love the outdoors and believe in making the best of life and living every moment to the fullest!

Mostly Bs: Your Dream Lia Fragrance is the vibrant, enterprising Lia Rainbow. You are ambitious, known for your ability to think clearly and are looking to make a name for yourself in the world! Hold on, your journey in life will take you far!

Mostly Cs: The Perfect Fragrance for you is the alluring, classic Lia Rose. Like the Queen of Flowers you are the queen of all things romantic and loving. A joy to have around, you are a beautiful person inside and out!

Mostly Ds:You redefine tradition like the Lia Chandanum. Home is definitely where your heart is. Your joyful, stable personality is at the centre of any family gathering or occasion to celebrate. You’re like a pillar of strength to friends and often are seen as a keen problem solver who can be depended upon.

Mostly Es: Choose the Lia Nature’s Gift as the ideal companion to your delicate and gentle personality. You exude a sense of calm! For you, your family and peace of mind comes first. You are not easily distracted or hurt but love life and the people in your life.

Mostly Fs:For you, nothing but the Freshness of Lia Samtrupti will do! You start the day with fresh eyes and perspective everyday! Nothing fazes you or your will to make the world a better place. You love fun and are always looking for a challenge. You know you can stare down any trouble.

We hope you had a great time and found the Right Lia Fragrance for you! Which one did you get? Tell us in the comments below!

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