In south India and across the globe, people are gearing up for Kerala’s biggest festival, Onam. Onam is one of the most important festivals in Kerala where communities unite and celebrate the joy of the harvest. The spectacular 10-day festivity is flagged off with the royal parade on the first day, continued by various activities and events like boat races, beautiful rangolis, traditional dances and the ever-popular Onam Sadya.

There is a mythical tale attached to this festival, it is believed that King Mahabali visits the homes of people celebrating this festival. Hence, during Onam every house in Kerala is thoroughly cleaned and beautifully decorated with lamps, flowers and incense. If you are planning to decorate your house this Onam, then here are some tips and suggestions, which might come in handy.

  1. Flowers are an integral part of this festival. Since, Onam is a harvest festival, using fresh flowers for decoration has a significant connection. The verandah and the sit out area are usually decorated with flower carpets and beautiful rangolis. However, apart from these decorations, you can adorn the house with garlands, incense, lamps and lights for a more festive look.
  2. Fragrance also plays a prominent role during this festival. All homes seem more inviting and celebratory during Onam because of the fragrance of the incense sticks that are lit throughout the house. Apart from the fragrance of the flowers, incense also adds to the festivity of Onam.
  3. You can decorate the living room with rose petals and jasmine. Use a nice terracotta pot to make an indoor, flower rangoli in water. You can also light incense cones and float them in the water along with the flower. This will not only look lovely but add a wonderful aroma.
  4. Keep bowls of sweet smelling jasmine flowers in the bedroom and study. You can also use jasmine incense sticks to make you home seem calm and peaceful.
  5. Light diyas at the entrance of your home. These can also be used in between the rangolis and flower carpet. This way the decorations will look incredible even after the sun goes down.

Other than these festive decorations and additions, you can make your home look more festive by changing the sheets, cushion covers, curtains and other furnishings. Dress in the beautiful traditional off-white and gold sarees and mundu, eat the delicious sadya fest and enjoy the festival with your loved ones!


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