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Some of the biggest festivals in India are celebrated in September. As the rain begins to ease up, India dives into a festive frenzy in September with many religious events and colourful festivals. The month began with the continued festive merriment of Ganesh Chaturthi, which went through the first week of the month. We have already celebrated the Radha Ashtami, Aavani Moolam, Vamana Jayanthi and Shani Pradosham in the first half of the month and there are more important festivals coming up in the next couple of weeks. Here is a list of upcoming festivals of India that are celebrated with a great gusto and enthusiasm.

  1. Purattasi Sani: September 15th

Purattasi Sani: The holy month, Purattasi masam begins mid September every year and ends in mid October as per the Tamil calendar. Saturdays are considered very auspicious and devotees visit the temples and perform poojas at home religiously for the whole month. During this month, most people worship Lord Venkateshwara in their homes and the whole street is filled with the fragrance of incense sticks in the morning along with the tinkling of prayer bells. There is a huge list of festivals like Puratasi, Durga Navaratri, Saraswati Poojai and Vijayadhasami that are celebrated during the month of Purattasi Sani.

  1. Kanya Sankranthi: September 16th

Kanya Sankranti marks the beginning of the sixth month according to the Hindu calendar. There are twelve sankrantis celebrated through the year and Kanya Sankranthi is considered very auspicious for Dan-Punya. In some parts of India, Kanya Sankranthi is popularly known as Vishwakarma pooja and in other parts; it is also celebrated as Sankramanam. According to the Vedas, Vishwakarma is a brilliant engineer; hence, tools and equipment used by engineers are worshipped on this day.

  1. Indira Ekadashi: September 19th

Indira Ekadashi is observed in the memory of Kind Indrasena, who was a loyal follower of Lord Vishnu. Indira Ekadashi occurs during the Ashwini masam of traditional North Indian calendar. This day is considered to be very holy and it is believed that observing fast on this Ekadashi will help remove the sins committed by oneself and your ancestors. Special poojas and rituals are performed on the day before Indira Ekadashi, where the devotees offer prayers, light diyas, flowers and burn incense throughout the house.

These are some of the important festivals that are celebrated in the month of September in India. Enjoy this festive month with friends and family. Cycle Pure Agarbathies wishes you a truly grand, festive September!


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